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How Storms Affect your Roof

Spot Storm Damage Before it Spots You: A Huntsville Homeowner’s Guide

Here at 1 Stop Roofing and Exteriors, we’ve been Huntsville’s trusted roofing company for years. We’ve seen our fair share of roofs weather the storms that roll through our area, and we know that a little proactive maintenance can go a long way in protecting your home.

After a storm rolls through, it’s important to be aware of the potential damage it might have caused to your roof. Here’s what to look for:

Shingle Damage: Hailstones can crack, dent, or even dislodge shingles. Wind can tear and lift them, exposing the underlayment to the elements. Keep an eye out for missing shingles, bald spots, and areas where the granules (the grit on asphalt shingles) seem worn away.

Other Signs of Trouble: Check your gutters for an abundance of shingle granules, which indicates wear and tear. Look for dents in your flashing (the metal that seals around roof valleys and pipes) or vent covers.

Interior Leaks: Don’t wait for drips in the ceiling! Water stains and even small leaks can indicate a bigger problem brewing underneath.

Why a Post-Storm Inspection is Crucial

Even if you don’t see any immediate signs of damage, it’s important to have your roof inspected by a professional after a significant storm. Here’s why:

  • Hidden Damage: Wind can cause unseen damage underneath shingles, compromising their integrity and creating vulnerabilities for future leaks.
  • Insurance Claims: If you need to file an insurance claim, a documented inspection report from a qualified roofer will be essential.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your roof is in good shape gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on other things.

Regular Inspections Are Key

Don’t wait for a storm to take a chance on your roof’s health! Regular inspections, ideally every two years, can help identify minor issues before they become major problems. A qualified roofer can spot potential problems and recommend repairs to extend the life of your roof.

At 1 Stop Roofing and Exteriors, we offer free roof inspections for Huntsville homeowners. Contact us today and let us help you keep your home safe and secure!

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